What do you find through church resource pack

What do you find through church: resource pack

A guide to our outreach campaign

This campaign is built around the real-life stories of Suffolk residents who have found faith and fulfilment through their involvement in church life.  Our aim in sharing the stories is to connect with other people who hold back, to encourage them to find out more and make the first move towards church and its community. 

Our theme is ‘What do you find through church?” which encourages those to whom it asks the question to consider their own lives and how church might become part of them. 

In the toolkit you will find the full stories, guides on how to use them and links to downloadable documents including PowerPoints, artwork for print and social media templates. 

"This toolkit is the first part of a larger offering from the communications team which is looking to utilise social media, posters and other means to enable parishes to share what they are doing and what they offer in attractive, accessible ways to foster greater participation and involvement.  

I hope you will find it useful and I would  encourage you to ask for help from the Diocesan communications team if there are other ways you want to enhance your outward focused communications".   Bishop Mike

PowerPoint presentation 

Please use these PowerPoint slides to share the campaign’s stories with your community. 

These stories help us to understand what people throughout Suffolk find through their experiences of church, and what they bring to their church community and connection with God. You can download a complete PowerPoint presentation to share, or create your own using the page templates we provided.  The PowerPoint slide includes blank templates so you can create your own additions for your particular circumstances.

Download here | PPTX

Organic social media posts 

For five weeks, the Diocesan communications team will be sharing these stories on social media. You can share the posts on your networks too.  You can also ‘like’ the Diocese on Facebook  (Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich) and  ‘follow’ on Instagram (@CofESuffolk) and  share, comment on and ‘like’ the campaign  posts as we publish them.

To use the posts on your own social media channels please download the files here:

Download here  | Padlet

Print materials 

You’ll find each of the stories as a poster for your notice boards in church, pew cards and leaflets are also provided for other uses, in church and out and about  in your parish. Bright and eyecatching, these resources enable you to share the essential details and explain to people how they can take first steps towards their own church community.

A4 Poster 

Rene Moor | PDF

Maxine Simpson | PDF

Martha South | PDF

Emma Tarbun | PDF

A4 Pew cards (4 per A4 page)

Rene Moor | PDF

Maxine Simpson | PDF

Martha South | PDF

Emma Tarbun | PDF

A4 Leaflets (2 per A4 page)

Rene Moor | PDF

Maxine Simpson | PDF

Martha South | PDF

Emma Tarbun | PDF


Most parishes have their own magazines, and community magazines and websites run by other organisations. You will find a press release for download below, which you can adapt for your own parish, to allow you to publicise this campaign through those publications.

Further “How To?”guides are available on the Diocesan website here.

Press release  | DOCX

Further information

Downloadable briefing/churchtool kit | PDF

Campaign logo | JPEG

Case Study René Moor | weblink

Case Study Maxine Simpson | weblink

Case Study Martha South | weblink

Case Study Emma Tarbun | weblink


If you are experiencing problems or would like further information and advice please email Leonie Ryle.

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