Becoming an Academy

Church schools in this diocese have the choice of joining the Diocesan Multi Academy Trust (MAT) or joining or forming their own local church school-led MAT. There are currently three such MATs in the diocese: All Saints Schools Trust, Tilian and Thedwastre. Schools considering academy status are encouraged to discuss their plans with Jane Sheat, Diocesan Director of Education in the first instance.

Diocesan Multi Academy Trust | Weblink

All Saints Schools Trust | Weblink

The Tilian Partnership | Weblink

Thedwastre Education Trust | Weblink

For a list of schools already in an Academy Trust, please see schools sorted alphabetically by Academy Trust | PDF

For a map of church schools in our four church school MATs, please see Church School led MATs and Schools  | Weblink

Converting to Academy status

Governing Bodies considering conversion to Academy status are encouraged to refer to the documents listed below:

Memorandum of Understanding (September 2023) | Weblink

DBE Academy Strategy (September 2023) | PDF

A template declaration for Diocesan MAT (January 2024) | Word | PDF

A template declaration for local MAT (May 2023) | Word | PDF

Church schools are also advised to make early contact with the Diocesan Director of Education, Jane Sheat so that appropriate support and guidance can be offered.  Schools seeking Diocesan Board of Education consent (a statutory requirement for VC and VA schools alike) are advised that DBE Meetings are scheduled to take place on the following dates in 2024:

  • Tuesday 24 September 2024 at 4pm
  • Wednesday 20 November 2024 at 4pm

Additional resources

Church academies: model documents | Weblink

DfE academy conversion documents for schools |  Weblink

Opportunity for all: strong schools with great teachers for your child (White Paper, March 2022) | Weblink

Academies Trust Handbook (September 2023) | Weblink

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