Parochial fees

Parochial fees are legally chargeable for services which a Priest is under a legal obligation to provide or conduct (e.g. weddings and funerals).

The .XLSX version of the PF1 provides features to save names of multiple churches in a Benefice, together with details of funeral directors and email addresses. 

Further information is available on the ‘Life Events’ section of the Church of England website.  You are advised to download and read the respective guidance notes (PDF) when you first use the system.


PF1 Form 2022 | XLSX

2022 Parochial Fees | PDF


PF1 Form Revised on 1 September 2021 | XLSX

PF1 Form before 1 September 2021 | XLSX

2021 Parochial Fees Table | Weblink



PF1 Form 2020 | XLSX

2020 Parochial Fees Table | Weblink

Guidance Notes  | PDF

Fees Q&A (March 2018) | PDF

Quick guide text only to the Changes to Fees | PDF


Parochial Quarterly Fee Returns

Quarterly Fee Return Excel File | XLSX 


For further information please contact

For general enquiries please email:

Philip Keeble | Accountant | 01473 298500

Elena Stephenson | Assistant Accountant | 01473 298580



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