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Bishop Martin writes...for the Bury Free Press Group w.c 21 June 2021


Despite the frustrations of the necessary delay in lifting Covid-19 restrictions, we do want to look forward.  Last week, in this column, I wrote about a gathering being organised by the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System – a partnership of organisations meeting health and care needs across our region.  That gathering, which has just happened, was the culmination of a community wide process of conversations around the key question, as we look forward, “how do we heal?”

I had the privilege of introducing the event, which a couple of hundred people joined as participants on-line, while many others watched on Youtube.  The two-and-a-half-hour event included presentations from people involved in care, health and community service, and showing the winning entries for a competition of home-made films on the question, “How do we heal.”

For all of us taking part, it was an incredibly moving and powerful event.  It was about healing, but because it was about healing, it was also about hope.  Words like compassion, courage, care, listening, kind, wove through the whole occasion, and through each element.

One person spoke about how we can help older and more vulnerable people re-engage with society, and how the well-being of all needs to be at the heart of all we do.  Another spoke about how that voice at the end of the phone has been a lifeline to people lonely and isolated, and how, as restrictions have eased, people are wanting to find out that those that they used to meet up with week by week, or travel together on the community bus on a regular basis, are all right and have made it through this time.  Others spoke about our needs, for meaning and purpose, and to be heard, with people making time to listen – a frequent theme of the conference – because listening is the key to the healing we all need.  And we heard the warning that it is only as we begin to emerge that we will recognize how deeply we have been affected, what a strain this time has been.  And that is the point at which we need to be able to ask for help.

We talked about individuals healing, and communities, and organisations.  One speaker believed that in the health and care world we had seen the “death of the policy of competition,” to be replaced by much stronger collaboration and cooperation across agencies, public bodies and voluntary organisations, including churches, committed to the healing of individuals and communities.

And we heard about those communities and individuals who have experienced pain and isolation through this time, including minority ethnic communities, people with mental illness, and those in deepest poverty, including rough sleepers.  The theme of course was that no one should be left behind, and that healing was for everyone, including across the divisions in our communities and wider society.  And over and again we heard, pay attention to, listen to, each other as individuals, look at and treat each of us as a person, not a condition or a state.

The film that won the prize for the best message proclaimed, “Be kind, be courteous, be helpful.”

That summed it up, and there was not a word spoken or an image or film shown that did not convey that fundamental reality that we are all precious, and, as I would want to proclaim, all children of God.


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