World Mission

God’s Church is alive, growing and vibrant around the world. It is a powerhouse to transform for the better the lives of individuals and communities worldwide through its many ministries. Much of our aid, development and social justice was and is rooted in the work of the Church.


Diocesan World Mission Group (WMG)

WMG aims to enable the people of Suffolk to learn from and be itself transformed by God’s worldwide actions. In order to enable this the WMG seeks to promote: Prayer for world mission, Wider church mission, Global justice, Global evangelism and Partnerships with Christians around the world.

Since 1994, we have had a link with the Diocese of Kagera in NW Tanzania, a poor remote part of that country next door to Rwanda. The bonds of friendship, prayer, support and learning have touched many lives, and could touch many more as we aim to grow the link.  

Kagera Link | Weblink

Very often the issues that are facing us are global issues which in other countries can be issues of life and death. Climate crisis may lead to increased rainfall and the loss of homes and possessions, but in our partner Diocese in Kagera Tanzania it can lead to crop failures, major landslips, starvation and life and death situations.

WMG current focus:

  • Kagera and its regional context, in the African Great Lakes region
  • World Development, including issues such as Trade Justice,Fairtrade and Climate Crisis
  • The World on our doorstep – those from other countries and cultures now living in Suffolk
  • Global evangelism, supporting and learning from church growth stories around the world
  • International Focus – developing particular international focusses such as the Syrian Refugees who have arrived in Suffolk
  • Global issue of modern day slavery.

The Revd Carol Mansell and Richard Stainer are our Joint World Development Advisers. They are available as a resource to churches, and can help churches to find information about development issues, Christian responses and worship material. They are keen to speak to churches or other groups on a range of world development issues.  For more information please email:

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