Plan for Growth in your context

We understand that not every parish is the same.   In this diocese there are broadly three contexts that we serve:

  • Rural Multi-Parishes
  • Market Towns
  • Larger Towns.

Each of these unique contexts need to be handled differently and the Plan for Growth could be managed as per below: 

Rural Multi-Parishes

Each parish may want their own Listening Event to explore their priorities. After these events there is an opportunity to come together as a benefice to discuss what each church has discerned, in order to draw the benefice together around a Plan for Growth.

  • As a benefice agree three broad themes which you can do better together.
  • Across the benefice choose one priority that is specific to each parish church.

Market Towns

You may find that people gather together in larger numbers around the town church, bringing unique missional opportunities. There may be more than one congregation, and there may be links with rural parish churches and/or Lightwave Groups.

  • Produce a Plan for Growth and agree three Benefice priorities which you can do better together.
  • Have one priority for each congregation/rural church.

Larger Towns


You will want to develop ways that congregations can work together. You may wish to consider what other denominations are doing locally, and if you could partner with them. There may also be opportunities to engage with local government bodies to influence what happens in the town.

  • In your Plan for Growth agree three priorities as a benefice.


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