The Emmanuel Project

We are delighted to announce that the new edition of The Emmanuel Project for 2020 is now available.

This edition includes some significant amendments, additions and improvements including:

  • NEW ‘Assessing RE in your school’ section in all units to replace levels
  • NEW End of unit and end of year assessment materials for all units including quick quizzes based in blooms taxonomy and Solo Taxonomy hexagons
  • NEW Evaluate sections in all units to reflect the assessment changes
  • NEW ‘Before you start’ pages in all units to reflect a wider use across the country as well as maintain a link with the Suffolk syllabus
  • NEW ‘Explore’ sections in KS1 Christianity and all EYFS units which have been split into the three sections used in all the other units with some new material added and the rest reworked to fit the new structure
  • NEW Content in EYFS and KS1 where units now have ‘letters’ from e.g. Tom and Tessa to help teachers deliver the religious content in a more childfriendly way
  • NEW Stories from other world religions included in EYFS units 
  • NEW ‘Teacher Handbook’ outlining content and progression for each phase and religion
  • NEW Weblinks in every unit, with all previous links having been checked and updated!

Sample of LKS2 unit  Why do Christians believe they are ‘people on a mission’? |  PDF

2020 EXPLORE section Sample KS1 Pentecost Unit | PDF

Emmanuel Flyer | PDF

Sample Contents | PDF

List of 49 Teaching Units | PDF

Ten Key Points | PDF

The Emmanuel Project Facebook page | Weblink

The resource costs £250.00 to new buyers / £100.00 to those who bought the previous edition. 

To place an order, please contact Jacqui Studd.

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