Church building emergencies

We very much hope you’ll never suffer a misfortune like a break-in or a lightning strike.

How to respond to a crime

1) If you’ve been the victim of a crime such as vandalism or theft, you must report it to the police.

  • If you discover a crime is in progress, call 999.
  • If the criminals have left the scene, call 101 (the non-emergency number) or fill out a report on-line here.

Make sure that you ask the police to class the incident as a heritage crime and to bring it to the attention of the Rural Task Force. Suffolk Police needs this intelligence to monitor threats to historic places and there are longer sentencing tariffs for heritage crimes in the event of a conviction.

2) If you think you’ll need to make an insurance claim, or are concerned that someone else might, you should also report the occurrence to your insurer straight away.

3) Obtain an emergency faculty: If the fabric of your church has been damaged and you need to carry out urgent work to make it safe eg dismantling something that is at risk of falling down or replacing a window or door, it’s sometimes possible to obtain a faculty in short order without the need for all the standard procedures.

Please email the DAC team to explain what has happened and for further advice. It’s always best if you can send a photograph of the affected area.

Further information

Lead Theft | Weblink


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