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There are many ways in which you can support the mission and ministry of the church across our 445 parishes and one of them is to help us to exercise sound governance.  We are encouraging a wide and diverse cross section of our members to become involved.  If you feel called to work collaboratively, assisting in openness of communication and ensuring clarity of decision making, then please do come forward to offer your time and talents. 

Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) election

The DBE have recently held elections for the 7 vacancies.  Those elected were:
  • Jane Addis
  • Jane Eccleston
  • Mary Lewis
  • Chloe Mayes
  • Phil Papps
  • Hugo Parker
  • Revd Toby Tate

Election results

Here are the results of the recent autumn 2022 elections:

Bishop's Council 

(x1 lay vacancy)

Elected: Penny Bird

Diocesan Board of Patronage 

(x3 lay vacancies)

No nominations therefore these vacancies remain.

Vacancy in See Committee

(x1 clergy and x5 lay vacancies)

Clergy: Revd Al Metcalfe

Laity: Mary Hare, Callum Harris, Chloe Mayes, Gavin Stone, David Walters

To view the Single Transferable Vote results for the Vacancy in See Committee, please click below.

Clergy | PDF

Laity | PDF.

Diocesan Board of Patronage

There are x3 lay and x1 clergy vacancy on this committee.  If anyone is interested in filling one of these, please contact Lorna Todd (number below).

For any further queries:

Please contact Lorna Todd in the first instance or tel: 07485 348888.


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