Metal theft

Please remain on alert for potential lead thefts from churches.  

If you see a suspicious person or vehicle near a church please do call the police.  If possible take down the vehicle registration number but please do not attempt to tackle intruders yourself. 

If your alarm sounds don't assume it is a false alarm and, as a crime could be in action, please ring the police on 999.  

If you have cause to ring the police mention that the church is a heritage building. This brings a stiffer sentence if and when someone is caught and convicted.


Make sure you have applied Smartwater or the equivalent to your roof and you have registered the application. Make sure too that you display Smartwater notices – the Ecclesiastical is not paying out in full to one church because the notices weren’t displayed.

Roof alarm

Please consider getting a roof alarm – they cost a lot less than a replacement roof.  Contact your insurer for an approved list of suppliers.


Further resources

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Page last updated June 2020.