Support to achieve your Plan for Growth

In July 2022 we asked all benefices in the diocese to produce a Plan for Growth with up to three priorities which express what they believe God is calling them to focus on in the next three to five years. 

We have looked at your Plans for Growth to see if there were any common themes or areas that you need help with.  Engaging with the community, working with children and young people, and growing deeper are the most common areas that benefices are focused on.  Support with finance and buildings are what you identified you needed help with. Now we know what you’re planning to do, we can help and support you in your work. 

Here are some key ways we can do just that:

  1. Diocesan Mission Enabler: If you need support please email Helen Prior-Townsend.
  2. Archdeaconry Mission Enablers: we would like to appoint two half-time Archdeaconry Mission Enablers to provide more resource on the ground for you. These will be part-time in the benefice, and part-time as Mission Enablers.  Look out for the job adverts.
  3. Drop-Ins:  From November we will be offering a series of drop-ins across the diocese.  Come and see us to talk through what you need to help your Plan for Growth go forward – click here for more details.
  4. Growth Fund:  If you have a Plan for Growth in place and know what you’re trying to do, you can apply for up to £1500 for a project or activity to help you move forward. Go to our website here for more information.
  5. Growing in God Fund:  If your Incumbent has been on the Suffolk Ministry Development Programme (SMDP) then your benefice will be eligible to apply for money from a bigger fund.  Check with your Incumbent and email Helen Prior-Townsend for information.
  6. Beacon Areas:  We are investing into key areas around the diocese to engage with children, families and youth.  Haverhill was the first area and this is in progress, while Sudbury are just starting to develop plans.  So where will we invest next?  Could it be where you are?  Contact Helen Prior-Townsend for information.
  7. Central teams:  We have key people who work at the diocesan office who can help you with regard to finance, buildings, DAC, giving, mission, discipleship, youth, children and families and more.  Our staff directory lists all of our teams and contact information here.
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