Plan for Growth

The Church of England’s research into church growth suggests that

“churches that intend to grow, tend to grow”.

Creating a Plan for Growth is to help you, as a benefice, flourish in your own unique context.  We have provided three simple steps to help you create your Plan for Growth:

1) Listen to your communities

We suggest you hold a Listening Event to broaden ownership of the process. This is the church community coming to listen and discern together. Use the Congregation Guide and Growing in God prayer card to encourage people to join in with the process. Use your understanding of your local neighbourhood and networks to inform your decision making.

2) Choose your three main priorities

You may need a meeting to gather together the knowledge collected at your Listening Events.  Once you have an idea of what you could focus on for your Plan for Growth, and what you want to prioritise, you need to decide prayerfully which of these you will choose to do. Remember to consider what you could stop doing.

3) Plan your next steps

Having chosen three main priorities for your benefice, you now need to create the first steps of an implementation plan.


Download the resources available:

Incumbents' Guide | PDF

An A4 booklet to help Incumbents to create a Benefice Plan for Growth, either building on or revising the priorities previously identified or creating a Plan for Growth from scratch. Above all, we want your Plan for Growth to be prayerfully discerned and owned by the members of your church communities, seeing what God is doing and discovering how to join in.

Congregation Guide | PDF

An A5 booklet to for your congregations to encourage them to get involved in helping shape a Plan for Growth for your benefice that is realistic and achievable, and to help it to come into being.

Prayer Card | PDF

The prayer bookmarks are to remind us all that this is God's work we are involved in.  Please hand them out to church members and anyone ready to pray for this process.

Running a Listening Event | PDF

An A4 guide to help you think about how to run a Listening Event.  It includes helpful tips and a sample timetable.

Sample Plan For Growth | PDF

Here is an example Plan for Growth to help you know what we're looking for


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Sharing your Plan for Growth

Forms to share your Benefice Plan for Growth will be added shortly.




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