Deanery Organiser

As Deanery Organiser, you will help your deanery by arranging the allocation of Parish Share between the benefices and encouraging regular (and full) payment of Parish Share, to enable the Diocese to meet its budgeted expenditure.

You will have regular contact with the Treasurers, Rural Dean, Lay Chair, Incumbents, Churchwardens, Deanery Synod the Diocesan Finance Director and Parish Resources Manager.

You will be, or become, an ex-officio member of the Deanery Synod and its Standing Committee or be co-opted onto it.

The normal term of office will be three years in line with synodical elections. You will also be invited to attend three to four Deanery Organiser Meetings a year led by the diocese, where you can:

  • exchange information and experiences with other deanery organisers
  • have the opportunity to report on your deanery’s progress in relation to Parish Share
  • discuss other matters of interest.

Diocesan staff will use this meeting as an opportunity to support you through the exchange of information and resources available to assist you and your parishes.

A key task for the Deanery Organiser is to work with Treasurers and Incumbents to ensure that where possible the allocation of Parish Share between benefices is as fair and reasonable as possible.

You will also regularly monitor payment of Parish Share by your parishes and report back to the Diocese on progress throughout the year.

A Deanery Organiser may also be asked to assist with or facilitate training of Treasurers.

An important element of the role is to encourage people to develop a Christian understanding of giving and generosity.

Who can be a Deanery Organiser?

  • You are likely to have at least a basic financial understanding and to have some knowledge of being a PCC or benefice Treasurer.
  • You are likely to have relevant computer skills including knowledge of Excel spreadsheets and financial software.
  • It would be advantageous if you can explain how and why Parish Share is paid by parishes.
  • You will be involved in sharing and disseminating information and good practice with many different people so being a good communicator is key.


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For further information please contact

Philip Keeble | Accountant | 01473 298500




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