Deanery organiser

The Deanery Organiser is an important member of the leadership in a deanery. 

As a Deanery Organiser you will work closely with all the Treasurers in the Deanery to ensure the Parish Share is paid in full by all benefices.  You may need to work closely with some parishes who need particular help with paying Parish Share and your role maybe instrumental in enabling other Parishes in the Deanery to offer support to each other.  This mutual support can help a Deanery thrive.  

You will work closely with the Rural Dean and Lay Chair.  You will also develop good relationships with Treasurers, Priests, Churchwardens, Giving Advisers, Deanery Synod members and Diocesan office staff.

What does a Deanery Organiser do?

  • Build relationship with the Deanery Synod and the Standing Committee - the Deanery Organiser will be, or become an ex offio member of the Deanery Synod and its Standing Committee or be co-opted on to it. 
  • Support the payment of Parish Share working with Treasurers to ensure that where possible the allocation of Share between benefices is as fair and reasonable as possible will regularly monitor payment of Share.
  • Provide the essential flow of information flow between parishes, the Deanery and the Diocesan Board of Finance: keeping Treasurers and Clergy informed, encouraging return of financial information from the parishes, disseminating information and good practice across the deanery, liaising with the Deanery Synod, picking up anomalies in Share and acting as an intermediary between the parishes and the Diocesan Board of Finance, attending and participating in regular diocesan meetings of Deanery Organisers.
  • Training Deanery Organisers may be asked to assist with or facilitate training of Treasurers and encouraging people to develop a Christian understanding of giving.
  • Build effective and affirming relationships with PCC Treasurers so that they are encouraged and enabled to fulfil their role and from time to time with the support of the Rural Dean and Lay Chair gather representatives of the deanery together.

Who can be a Deanery Organiser?

  • You could have a finance background or previous knowledge of finance in another organisation.
  • You need to have good communication skills to work cross different groups of people and build positive relationships with the various teams.
  • A good understanding of the structures and practices of a PCC could be useful. 
  • Deanery Organisers are appointed by the Deanery Synod.
  • The normal term of office will be three years in line with synodical elections.


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For further information please contact

Gary Peverley | Finance Director | 01473 298575

Philip Keeble | Accountant | 01473 298500




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