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What is Parish Buying? from The National Giving Team on Vimeo.

Parish Buying is a service set up by the Church, for the Church. By uniting buying power collectively they can negotiate better prices for individual churches. In buying together everyone saves together – releasing more resources for your parish's mission and ministry.

Through the bulk buying power of the Church they negotiate competitive prices with suppliers across a range of different contracts (everything from photocopiers to your gas or electricty bill). All of their suppliers undergo a rigorous selection process, and the contracts have been professionally reviewed. They manage the contracts too, so you're guaranteed ongoing support throughout the buying process.


Rising fuel costs will be of concern to many parishes and you can join the energy basket (2022/3 basket closed and starts on 1 October 2022, register for 2023/4), get a fixed term energy contract or access the national oil contract negotiated for churches here.

Parish Buying recently held a webinar about the current state of the energy market in relation to its Energy Basket and Fixed Deals (September 2022). The recording can be seen here.

For more information please visit the Parish Buying website: | Weblink

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