Licensed Youth Ministers

Photo by Keith Mindham

"My job is to love, encourage, shape, challenge, disciple and care for young people - both inside and outside the Church. Youth work is a great job, I love it! At times it’s hard but I’d recommend youthwork to anyone who enjoys being with young people & wants to help them become the best version of themselves that they can be."
Matt Cornwell, Youth Worker at St Augustine's Church, Ipswich

Licensed Youth Ministers will lead and work as part of teams working with 11-18+ year olds in our Diocese - to develop those young people personally, socially and spiritually. 

Youth Ministers are those people who can see not just the future in young people, but the God given advantages and skills that young people have now. Youth Ministers want to help young people see and investigate their own qualities in light of their relationship with God for themselves and in community with the wider church family.

More Information

For enquiries about Licensed Youth Ministers, you can email Matt Levett, Diocesan Youth & Young Adults Officer or telephone 01473 298515.

To learn more about the process, training and discernment for becoming a Licensed Youth Minister, you can read a leaflet about the position here:

Licensed Youth Ministers | PDF

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