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Exploring Reader Ministry

Readers are nationally accredited lay ministers who are licensed by the Diocesan Bishop to preach, teach and lead worship. They play an important part in nurturing Christian discipleship in the church and wider world. 

You can read more about the process, discernment and training for becoming a Reader in our leaflet:

Readers' Ministry Leaflet | PDF

Current Readers

Please visit the Resources for Readers section of our website to find information such as the Readers' Manual and contact details for the Assistant Wardens of Readers.


For general enquiries please email Lesley Steed based at the Diocean Office or telephone 01473 298510. Alternatively, you can email Barbara Hill, the Deputy Warden of Readers, or telephone 07957 908981.

The Warden of Readers and LLMs is the Bishop of Dunwich, the Rt Revd Dr Mike Harrison, who may be contacted by phone at the Bishops' Office on 01473 252829.