Lightwave Leaders

The Lightwave Community is a supportive community of small missional groups across the whole of Suffolk:
  • to help bring new Christians to faith
  • to help both new and established Christians to grow in discipleship, vocation and leadership
  • to enable new culturally appropriate fresh expressions of church and other mission initiatives develop in a healthy and sustainable way in both rural and urban contexts.

To find our more please download our leaflet:

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Who may be a Lightwave Leader?

In a Lightwave Group, every member is involved in ministry although only a couple of people will be the commissioned group leaders or facilitators. Lightwave group leaders may be lay or ordained, have completed theological degree or be new Christians, just starting out. 


The course for small group leaders and potential or assistant leaders in the Lightwave community takes place over six sessions. Each session consists of a missional small group meeting for 1¼ hour plus a ½ hour evaluation. On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Have experienced heathy meetings of a small missional group
  • Have been ‘infected’ with the values
  • Gained an understanding of the nature of what a healthy missional small group looks and feels like
  • Established relationships with other people involved in innovative mission and fresh expressions of Church
  • Experienced leading different parts of the small group meeting in a learning environment.
  • Courses take place over six evenings and are home-based usually at the home of the course facilitator or over two Saturdays at a venue provided by you.
  • Smalll groups leaders are also offered the support of a coach to help them to facilitate their group to be effective in reaching out with God’s love.   

Getting in touch

Find out more about the Lightwave Community:

Lightwave | Weblink


Case study - Lightwave Leader - Ben Wale

When I heard about Lightwave, shining God’s light across rural Suffolk, I knew that God was calling me to a new vocation

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