Dispute Advisory Service

Dealing with conflict is a normal feature of building healthy relationships and congregations

This service offers a safe place to bring conflicts and problems that we might have with each other in a church setting.

Conflict can cause stress whether at work or between neighbours or inside the family. We should not be surprised then, that conflict occurs among the people who belong to the Christian church. If conflict worsens it can be a source of intense disappointment, given the gospel of love which lies at the heart of our faith.

Talking to independent trained advisors can help you find ways of managing these or other difficult situations.

This service offers an accessible, voluntary, and confidential process that helps to resolve disputes in a broad range of situations; maybe over

  • roles
  • responsibilities
  • management of change or reorganisation,
  • differences of belief and worship.

There might be issues of discrimination, harassment, abuse of authority or bullying.

Whilst the Dispute Advisory Service is supported by the Diocese, all interactions are wholly confidential.

How do I access it?

If you need to use this service please contact one of our trained advisers by phone or email. Do leave a message and they will contact you:

Malcolm Rittman malcolm.das@cofesuffolk.org | 07384 115329

Maria Price maria.das@cofesuffolk.org | 07384 254487

To download this leaflet please click here.

We believe that making peace is intrinsic to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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