Ministers well-being and support

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The flourishing and well-being of ordained and authorised ministers is fundamental to the life and mission of our Diocese, and the Bishops place high value on it. 





The Bishops encourage and indeed expect clergy to take time for renewal, refreshment and re-creation for their own well-being and for the sake of their families and ministry. The following summarises the current expectations and entitlement:

  1. Rest days – this is usually specified in the Statement of Particulars and includes one day (continuous period of 24 hours) per week and an additional day once per month.
  2. Holidays – this is usually also specified in the Statement of Particulars and includes 36 days annual leave – including not more than six Sundays, nor any of the Principal feasts, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday or Ascension Day. Bank holidays (with time off in lieu - where a bank holiday is worked).
  3. Retreats and spiritual wellbeing – Up to five days retreat/year, plus regular time for prayer and periods of reflection/reading. Clergy are also strongly encouraged to have a spiritual director.
  4. Sabbaticals – Clergy are encouraged to apply for a period of extended study leave (sabbatical) or short study leave. See Study leave webpage for information.
  5. Continued Ministerial Development (CMD) – The Bishop expects that Clergy, licensed lay ministers and lay Elders will set aside regular time for study, retreat and professional development in ministry, and undertake at least one significant piece of CMD each year. More information can be found here (access by role only).
  6. Ministrial Development Review (MDR) is an expression of the Bishop’s responsibility for the pastoral and professional care of the clergy. It plays a part in enabling clergy and licensed lay ministers to grow in their understanding of the particular ministry to which God has called them.  For more information click here.
  7. Finally, information on the Covenant for Clergy Care and Well-being can be found here.

Please contact The Bishops’ Chaplain for further information.

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