Retreats, Quiet Days and Quiet Spaces

Taking time out from everyday life can help us concentrate on spiritual life. Organised days give some input to help shape your prayer and reflection.

Download a list of links to local places for retreats and reflection | PDF

Nine Types of Rest

Having ‘time off’ is important – but it might help to think about how we use it. It’s too easy to fill our ‘time off’ with frantic – and maybe enjoyable activity – and forget that we need to rest and relaxation – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  What do you most need to refresh you? Which of these might most benefit you – and those around you? The following is just a start to help us think about this. 

  1. time away
  2. permission to not be helpful
  3. something '“unproductive”
  4. connection to art and nature
  5. solitude to recharge
  6. a break from responsibility
  7. stillness to decompress
  8. safe space
  9. alone time at home.

Third Order, Society of St Francis

A religious order inspired by the example of St Francis for people who are engaged in the ordinary tasks of life and may have family responsibilities. 

There are several local groups in Suffolk but the contact for further information is the Provincial Novice Guardian: | Weblink

Other resources

List of Books on Spirituality, Prayer and Spiritual Accompaniment | PDF