Season of Creation

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The theme for the Season of Creation 2020 is Jubilee for the Earth. Jubilee is a time of rest for the land from exploitation, and to restore ecosystems and people. This is the season, running to St Francis's day on October 4, when churches and congregations are called to pay special attention to the responsibility of humanity for the Earth and for all that lives upon it. Its start and end dates reflect that it is a shared idea between Western and Eastern Christianity. 

Watch Justin Welby introduce the Season of Creation:

Resources and ideas

For a range of excellent materials to help you plan a service and go further in committing to environmental action as a church over the coming year please download:

Celebration guide | Weblink

Letters of Creation is also a great idea to encourage children and young people to take part.  Children and young people under 30 are invited to write letters reflecting on what caring for creation means to them and how they want their voice to be heard in the climate justice conversation.

Letters resources and more  | Weblink

For further information

Please email The Revd Canon Mark Haworth, Diocesan Environment Officer.

For information on becoming a Eco Church please visit here and our role in the environment please visit here.

Please email Lauren Bridgwater and let us know what you have planned, as we’d love to share encouraging stories of churches engaging with the Season of Creation this year.

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