Healing and wholeness

The Ministry of Healing and Wholeness is part of our prayer, public worship and pastoral ministry. In many parishes the ministry is expressed in reaching out and caring for the community.

Our Ministry of Healing and Wholeness is made up from clergy and laity across the diocese. The group members are a resource for the churches of the diocese in support of the Ministry of Healing.

Common Worship Pastoral Services gives a very good theological background on this ministry (p. 8ff). It also provides appropriate and rich liturgical material both for public worship and for individual ministry.

Another good resource is 'A Time to Heal Handbook' (Church House Publishing) which gives background to this ministry being re-established in a parish with support from Diocesan Synod. Members of the Advisory Group may be able to assist you with training and advice on this ministry within the church.

For more information please email Canon Matthew Vernon.