Rediscovering Prophecy

Rediscovering Prophecy

Jesus said that his followers would “hear his voice.” The apostle Paul tells us to “eagerly desire the gift of prophecy.”

So how do we learn to listen, and what does it mean to listen together?

Bishop Mike and Ceri Harris hosted a workshop in learning to listen and in building a prophetic culture that is healthy and wholesome in our churches. Remember, prophecy is a gift to encourage and we all need that!

Ceri Harris leads Accessible Prophecy in the UK. Accessible Prophecy helps local churches grow a healthy and mature prophetic culture. Ceri writes, “Learning to recognise and gain confidence in using this gift has been an important part of my journey. It’s always been there, but identifying it and intentionally leaning in to it has been and an important part of God’s calling. I am delighted to help others discover and gain confidence in the prophetic in the way that I have been helped.”

Here are notes from the presentation.

Prophetic Culture  | PDF

Recordings from the workshop can be found on the Bishops' YouTube channnel 

The Bishops of Suffolk | YouTube channel


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