“Love hasn’t been cancelled”

The Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich is spreading a little joy this Lent with its new campaign – 40 Days of Kindness.

It has been a tough time for many this past year, with COVID-19 restrictions limiting our options for getting together and helping one another.However, the Lightwave Community – part of the Church of England in Suffolk – wants to change that this Lent by launching its campaign of kindness.

Archdeacon Sally Gaze, leader of the Lightwave Community, said: “Lent has long been marked by people wanting to help and support each other and going the extra mile.

“This year it has been a bit more difficult for us to get together and see one another. The idea of 40 Days of Kindness is to show that love hasn’t been cancelled.”

The campaign is asking the public to show their support by putting up a heart in their window throughout Lent as a sign of love and kindness in the community. The Diocese has also set up a Facebook group and is asking people to let them know what kind deeds they will be doing this Lent – socially distanced of course. The campaign’s successes will then be showcased every week on BBC Radio Suffolk. One of those doing something special for the campaign is Penny Sunaway at Otley Village Stores. The shop already has a fine pedigree for helping the community, with its own Facebook page acting as a community hub where people offer help to those in need. For 40 Days of Kindness, the shop is collecting money to create thank you hampers for staff at the village’s doctor’s surgery and for its primary school teachers.

“Because we are the only shop in the village, we have become a bit of a focal point for good deeds,” said Penny.

“Every year we collect loose change and give it to charity – this time we wanted to use it to say thank you to our doctors and teachers in the village. It is a sign of our appreciation for all their hard work.”

Meanwhile at The Parrot in Aldringham, the pub’s director Chris Theobald spread joy on Shrove Tuesday through a Zoom community pancake making event. Chris entertained viewers with his tasty pancake creations, inspiring others to grab a pan and make their own.

He said: “We usually host a pancake day celebration at our sister pub The Dolphin, where we cook hundreds of pancakes and people can create their own toppings. We have tried recreate that community spirit on Zoom with people cooking along at home. We pride ourselves on being part of the community and I hope we can do our bit to spread some joy through these difficult times.”

For more information and to let the campaign know of your good deeds during Lent, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/162564825375977

Page last updated: 17th February 2021 9:47 AM