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We have a number of resources and publications for download, please click on the links below:

Lord's Prayer CD

Great Prayer and Worship Adventure

Ngara Crosses

Knowledge Organisers

Useful RE publications for download

Further RE support

Any queries, please do contact Jacqui Studd, 01473 298570.

Lord's Prayer CD

A music resource for schools and churches professionally recorded in Ipswich Primary Schools and the Ngara Anglican Primary School, Tanzania.

The CD contains:

  • 13 songs, including 10 sung versions of the Lord’s Prayer
  • 30 fully-documented and resourced assemblies / acts of collective worship
  • all you need to run a primary-age RE theme day on all aspects of the Lord’s Prayer
  • sign language guidance, resources and ideas to help create interactive stations and a fully-documented reflective story
  • spoken recordings of the Lord’s Prayer in 18 different languages.

All this for £15 + £1.50 p&p per copy.

Please contact Jacqui Studd if you would like to order a copy.   Tel: 01473 298570.

Great Prayer and Worship Adventure

An interactive approach to teaching about Christian Prayer and Worship in Key Stage 1 RE.

The Great Prayer and Worship Adventure’ takes an area of KS1 RE which some teachers find hard to tackle and turns it into something active and exciting. Children investigate different aspects of Christian prayer and worship in school. Their work is added to interactive stations which they then visit in a local church. Detailed RE lessons and assessment ideas are provided, as well as pictures of the stations to be set up and how these can be used. The materials match Agreed Syllabus requirements well and were trialled very successfully in both church and community schools.

Cost is £15.00 plus £2.50 p&p per copy.  

Please contact Jacqui Studd if you would like to order a copy.   Tel: 01473 298570.

Ngara Crosses

An Art and RE activity that has linked two schools thousands of miles apart, the Ngara Crosses’ were created in north-west Tanzania at Ngara Anglican Primary School.

The Ngara pupils studied crosses made, in Andy Goldsworthy style, by Key Stage 2 children in Ipswich, Suffolk. The Tanzanian children then created and wrote about their own crosses. The pack contains laminated examples of crosses from both countries.

The booklet explores Christian beliefs about the ‘cross’ and offers ten very different cross-curricular activities, based on the children’s artwork and writing, to extend understanding of these beliefs.

Cost is £15.00 plus £2.50 p&p per copy.

Please contact Jacqui Studd if you would like to order a copy.   Tel: 01473 298570.

Knowledge Organisers

Please see the following knowledge organisers for Buddhism, Hinduism, Humanism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. Knowledge Organisers for Christianity will be available in due course.

Key Stage 1

Islam: How do some Muslims show Allah is compassionate and merciful? | Word
Judaism: Why is learning to do good deeds so important to Jewish people? | Word
Judaism: Why do Jewish families say so many prayers and blessings? | Word
Judaism: Why do Jewish families talk about repentance at New Year? | Word
Judaism: Why is the Torah such a joy for the Jewish Community? | Word

Lower Key Stage 2

Hinduism: How does the story of Rama and Sita inspire Hindus to follow their dharma? | Word
Hinduism: Why does a Hindu want to collect good karma? | Word
Islam: How does a Muslim show their submission and obedience to Allah? | Word
Islam: Why do Muslims call Muhammad the ‘Seal of the Prophets’? | Word
Judaism: What symbols and stories help Jewish people remember their covenant with God? | Word
Sikhism: How do Sikhs put their beliefs about equality into practice? | Word
Sikhism: How does the teaching of the gurus move Sikhs from dark to light? | Word

Upper Key Stage 2

Buddhism: How did Buddha teach his followers to find enlightenment? | Word
Buddhism: How does the Triple Refuge help Buddhists in their journey through life? | Word
Hinduism: How do questions about Brahman and atman influence the way a Hindu lives? | Word
Hinduism: What spiritual pathways to Moksha are written about in Hindu scriptures? | Word
Humanism: Why do Humanists say happiness is the goal of life? | Word
Islam: How does tawhid create a sense of belonging to the Muslim community? | Word
Islam: What does the Qur’an reveal about Allah and his guidance? | Word
Judaism: What is holiness for Jewish people: a place, a time, an object or something else? | Word

Useful RE publications

Teaching Religious Education in Foundation: Guidance for using the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus 2012 | PDF
This pack is intended to support teachers and RE Subject Leaders as they implement or revise their statutory provision for RE in Foundation.

What do you think....SIAMS questions to ask about religious education | PDF
This booklet provides a range of questions to ask the people who should be able to tell you most about RE in your setting.  We believe that by asking the right questions, you will gain a better picture of how enjoyable and effective the RE is in your particular setting, and that this will provide a springboard for even better RE!

Religious Education in Church of England Schools - Statement of Entitlement Analysis 2019 | PDF
Overview of aims and objectives of RE in church schools and of the RE Curriculum and what pupils, parents, teachers/leaders can expect.

Self-Evaluation/Audit Questions (Primary) | PDF
This audit tool from the Church of England is intended for RE teachers and subject leaders as a means of evaluating to what extent an RE curriculum is well-balanced.

Using Scrapbooks / class books in RE | PDF
Diocesan information for teachers, heads, subject leaders, governors and inspectors.

A breakdown of SIAMS Strand 7.

RE Curriculum for school websites:

Schools can also find RE support from:

Religious Education Quality Mark | Weblink

National Association for Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE) | Weblink

Research for RE  

The Discovery Centre, St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds – The Cathedral DC team organise visits, festival days, storytelling and whole RE days, both at the cathedral and locally.  Contact Kim Judge or call 01284 748731.

EEFA (East of England Faith Agency) | Weblink
This group will help arrange visits and visitors from a variety of faith backgrounds.  

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