We remember as churches held services for Remembrance Sunday

As many churches joined in acts of remembrance on Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. 

Bishop Martin Seeley said:

“Once again we gather to remember the fallen from the Great War and the Second World War. But even as our direct contact with these wars through family and friends decreases, the reasons for remembering seem to increase in our deeply troubled world. This year our remembrance and gratitude for the sacrifice of those who lost their lives in the two World Wars will take place while a devastating war is being fought on European soil, in Ukraine. We are witnessing close at hand the horror and futility of war, and we are all acutely aware of the danger and human cost as we reach out to those who are suffering. As I share in the Remembrance Service at the war memorial in Christ Church Park in Ipswich, and we recall all those who lost their lives and those who suffered terrible injury in war, I will be praying even more fervently for peace in our world.”


Bishop Mike Harrison attended St Peter's Church Elmsett and he said: 

"Remembrance Sunday is a significant date as we mark the debt we owe to the brave women and men of the armed forces. Now more than ever with war as close by as in Europe we recognise those who keep us safe against military threat, conflict and instability and indeed those who have previously sacrificed themselves through world wars and other conflagrations, enabling us to live in freedom and peace. It is heartening to see how the season of Remembrance continues to grow in popularity across the country, and how this remembrance spans the generations, as people express their gratitude for such sacrifices at this time. As we give thanks we also remember the horrors of armed conflict, redoubling our determination to do all we can to promote peace and reconciliation and avoid war. Remembrance services are an important part of the way in which we express all of this." 

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