Celebrating Licensed Lay Ministry in Suffolk

This weekend, on Sunday 27 September, St Edmundsbury Cathedral hosts the celebration of Readers, Children’s and Families’ Ministers, Licensed Evangelists Licensed Youth Ministers, Lay Pastors and Pioneers as 14 people are licensed into our diocese.

Those being licensed are committing to serve communities throughout Suffolk as they voluntarily become members of our ministry.  Although each kind of ministry is celebrated in its distinctiveness, there is the over-arching theme that those licensed are empowered and strengthened for the work God has called them to do.  

Bishop Mike says: 

"It's wonderful to see 14 people coming forward for licensed lay ministry this Sunday at the Cathedral - four Readers, four Children's & Families' Ministers, four Lay Evangelists and two Pioneers.  Thanks not only to the candidates for their commitment but also to all those who have contributed to their training and development to this point. 

Their response to God's calling reminds us that it is not a question of whether we are called, the fact is all of us are called in one way or another, but the question is to what each of us is being called to as a follower of Jesus. It's also a reminder for us to keep our eyes peeled and ears pricked up to notice giftings among our brothers and sisters in Christ and sometimes to perhaps gently suggest "have you ever considered.... you would be great at that" or something similar. Meanwhile please keep the candidates in prayer as they are licensed by Bishop Martin this weekend." 

Because of Covid-19 restrictions the congregation will be limited to invited guests only but all are invited to join those being licensed in a livestreamed video link via Facebook at 2.00pm, 4.00pm and 6.00pm this Sunday.  Please join them on the Cathedral Facebook page here.  

Please pray for those being licensed over the course of the afternoon and for the parishes they serve, that they may grow in the knowledge and love of God, and that, guided by the Holy Spirit, their ministry may be richly blessed.   

Mike Bryer: The Benefice of Kesgrave at 4.00pm
Ruth Bull: The Benefice of East Bergholt and Brantham at 6.00pm
Doreen Page: The Benefice of Beccles, St Michael and St Luke at 2.00pm

Reader to be welcomed and licensed from another diocese:
Rachel Clarke: The Benefice of Walton and Trimley at 2.00pm

Children’s and Families’ Ministers
Sandra Cresswell: The Benefice of Carlford at 2.00pm
Charlotte Gooch: The Benefice of Woodbridge, St Mary the Virgin at 4.00pm
Christine Stainer: The Benefice of Bradfield St Clare, Bradfield St George with Little Whelnetham, Cockfield, Felsham and Gedding  at 6.00pm
Helen Woodroffe: The Benefice of Horringer at 6.00pm

Licensed Evangelists
Rob Collett: The Benefice of Ipswich, St Matthew, All Saints and Triangle at 4.00pm
Malcolm Gibbs: The Benefice of Ipswich, St Thomas at 6.00pm
Hannah Ponting: The Benefice of Ipswich, St Matthew, All Saints and Triangle at 4.00pm
Mark Stancombe-Duhm: The Benefice of Saxmundham with Kelsale-cum-Carlton at 2.00pm

Karen Nelson: The Benefice of Ipswich, St Matthew, All Saints and Triangle at 4.00pm
Kathy Wilson: The Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich at 2.00pm

To learn more about our ministries please visit:

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