Parish share

A church is responsible for its own spending to care for the church buildings and carry out activities to support its mission. Parish Share is the model our Diocese uses to share the costs of mission and ministry between every parish in order to fulfil our calling to ‘Grow in God’. The basic principal is Christian generosity and mutual support.  Parish Share enables us all to contribute together so we can:

  • fund mission and ministry in all our parishes
  • unite a partnership in proclaiming the Christian faith
  • develop enthusiastic ministry in every community

Parish Share has a clear purpose, to enable the Church throughout Suffolk to proclaim God’s Kingdom that “thy Kingdom come”. It fulfils our calling to be the Body of Christ, working in partnership with the stronger supporting the weaker, so that together we can have a greater impact.

A high proportion of our churches paid 100% of their share in full with some overpaying their allocation to help others. There is enormous gratitude for the generosity and faithfulness of so many of our churches and their congregations.  Generosity is at the heart of discipleship, how we follow Christ by giving to Him in response to all He has given to us. By paying Parish Share there is more money available centrally to pay for support mission and ministry throughout the whole Diocese – so everyone benefits.

We actively seek to support parishes who are having difficulties in contributing their Parish Share. Our team can help you plan a giving strategy and offer advice on fundraising, parish share, giving, legacies and provide resources to help, please our stewardship pages here.

Parish Share end of 2020 letter | PDF

Remittance Advice for 2021 | DOCX

Benefice Breakdown Proforma | DOCX

Standing Order Mandate 2021 | DOCX

Remittance Advice for 2020 | DOCX

Message from Gary Peverley, Finance Director on Parish Share end of year payments dated 6 December 2021

Thank you to all of our parishes for your giving towards parish share so far for this year.  

We would like to give you advance notice that we continue to accept payments towards the 2021 parish share up to and including Monday 31 January 2022.  Payments received after that date, unless we know about them in advance, will be treated as 2022 parish share.  This is to enable us to move more quickly to close our own accounts and prepare for our statutory audit. We understand that, for some parishes, it can take time to work through final parish share payments for the year just ending, but would appreciate it if we could all work to the timetable above and understand the cut-off dates.

Our preference is to receive funds via online banking (but please ensure you make clear which year the payment is for in the text field).

Any cheques must be received at the office by 31 January 2022 to be included in your 2021 Parish Share figures.  Cheques received after this date will only be accounted for in your 2021 figures if you have told us by 31 January to expect the cheque so that we can accrue for it, allowing us to finalise our own accounts.

Our finances explained

Parish share and its context March 2021 | PDF

Our finances explained | PDF

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For further information please contact

Gary Peverley | Finance Director | 01473 298575

Philip Keeble | Accountant | 01473 298500

Julie Podd | Parish Finance & Resources Advisor | 01473 298555 | 07826 556186

Elena Stephenson | Assistant Accountant | 01473 298580

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