Case Study - Mike Turton

I grew up in Hampshire and regularly went to church, I was also part of the church community during my 43 year working life in Reading. Then three years ago my wife and I moved to Laxfield in Suffolk to have a quieter life, be closer to nature and live nearer the sea. Laxfield village is so friendly and soon we joined the local church and made new friends.

I am now the PCC Secretary at All Saints’ Church in Laxfield, and my wife has just been appointed as Churchwarden. As Secretary I do all the admin for the PCC committee meetings, organising them and keeping the paperwork up to date.

The role includes making sure we are governed correctly and we keep within the rules and don’t miss any important deadlines! I previously worked in business and IT and my background certainly helps to make this an easier job to do!

Being part of the church and the PCC Secretary as well as being an active part of the village has been a springboard into doing so many other things.

My real passion has always been the care of the environment. My interest in the environment is motivated by my Christian faith as I strongly believe we have a responsibility to look after this wonderful world we live in. So now I am a volunteer member of the Diocesan Environment Group and the Environment Deanery Champion for the Hoxne and Hartismere Deanery.

So moving to Suffolk and living in the countryside has clearly enabled me to be closer to nature but I am not certain it has resulted in a quieter life!

I see the environment as a wonderful way to open the church to all members of our community.

If you are looking for advice or help to get started, I regularly visit other churches to talk about biodiversity in our churchyards and how we can connect to others through our calling of protecting the environment. I would love to come and visit you.

Email Mike Turton should you wish to contact me.

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