Bishop's Easter Message

The celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead gives us the hope we need even in the very hardest of times.  Easter’s message is of unquenchable light in the midst of darkness, joy casting out despair, goodness rising up in the face of evil, and love truly being stronger than death.  It is a message we need this year more than ever.
Easter will come at the end of the most challenging week yet of the coronavirus pandemic in our county, and our country. The numbers of sick are climbing, and the number dying frightening.
Many are bearing the stresses and challenges of supporting their families shut in at home, or are anxious for loved ones they cannot visit. Strains are showing in some households and families as the days and weeks pass. Livelihoods and services have been disrupted to the point of ruin, with jobs, businesses and charities under threat.
Easter, the belief that life is more than what we are facing right now, that life is about goodness and love overcoming everything, gives us the determination and courage to face this virus down. 
In fact, in the extraordinary dedication of health workers, of those who keep the basics of life going come what may, and of countless volunteers caring for the vulnerable across our county: in all these people we see the conviction that everyone’s life is worth fighting for.
After the agony and anguish of Good Friday, Jesus’ resurrection transformed his frightened and grieving followers into courageous and determined messengers of real hope, and practical love.
Seventeen hundred years of Christian history in our country has shaped our response to crises, combining active compassion for those suffering with the conviction that goodness and love will always prevail.
That is the Easter message for us today. The evil of this virus will be overcome. Everyone is precious and worth fighting for. Death does not have the last word. Goodness and love will prevail.


Page last updated: Friday 1st July 2022 9:28 AM
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