St Leonard's Church develops wildlife centred reflection spaces in churchyard

Men transporting logs in churchyard

St Leonard’s Church in Horringer is developing six ‘reflection spaces’ in its churchyard, so people can enjoy the abundance of wildlife and reflect on creation. The National Trust Ickworth Park team delivered logs following the church’s 'World of Wonder' project last month when people were encouraged to record different species of wildlife living in the area. The idea is to create spaces where people can sit and enjoy a different aspect of creation – from bees and insects to trees and wildflowers.

The church is planning two family activity days, on August 12 and 19, which will include projects to enhance these reflection spaces.

Helen Woodroffe, Community and Children's and Families' Minister, said: “We had walked around the churchyard and identified six places that had particular views of the area. What we are working towards is for each of the six areas to have its own theme. One will have an emphasis on wildflowers, another bees, another birds – each a different look at creation.”

Page last updated: Monday 6th March 2023 12:05 PM
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