Collective worship resources

Flippin' Praise

Flippin’ Praise uses a four-fold structure of Gathering, Engaging, Responding and Sending to plan school Collective Worship. This is used for several reasons:

  • It is similar to the common format of ‘assembly’: welcome, story, song, prayer/ reflection, dismissal.
  • The same structure relates to many Anglican acts of worship and for church schools may create recognisable links between school and church
  • It is the structure recommended by the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England in their report ‘Transforming Worship’.

Choosing items for the four different sections helps children begin to see a shape to worship and is the first step to good planning. Flippin’ Praise does not provide ready-made acts of Collective Worship. Children will need to be given or to decide on the theme for their Collective Worship before they use Gather – Engage –Respond – Send.  Flipping’ the pages is all part of the fun! 

The resource costs £10.00 + £2.50 p&p. To order or for any queries, please email: Jacqui Studd.  

Religious Festivals

Ascension and Pentecost | PDF

Further guides on religious festivals to follow...

Collective Worship Monitoring Form (2020)

Includes monitoring linked to the SIAMS framework | Word version | PDF version

What do you think....SIAMS questions to ask about collective worship

This booklet provides a range of questions to ask the people who should be able to tell you most about collective worship in your setting.  We believe that by asking the right questions, you will gain a better picture of the impact of collective worship in your particular setting, and that this will provide a springboard for continuing improvement.

Collective Worship Booklet | PDF

Working on Worship Papers

These colourful four page spreads on many different aspects of collective worship have been prepared by Helen Matter, our former Schools’ Adviser, working alongside practising teachers, clergy and lay Christians. . Written primarily for church primary schools, they are really helpful for all interested in improving their collective worship. Try one out in a brief spot in your staff meeting. Over time work through others in the series and watch it make a real difference to your Collective Worship in small bite-size steps.

Working on Worship 1 - Creating a focal point 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 2 - Refreshing the Routines 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 3 - Welcoming Visitors 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 4 - The Round of the Seasons 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 5 - Being Anglican 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 6 - Celebrating the Eucharist in School 2019 | PDF

Welcome to Worship 7 - When Parents join you for Collective Worship 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 8 - Enriching Values for Life 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 9 - Greetings to use in Worship 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 10 - Open the Book 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 11 - The Singing Assembly 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 12 - Valuing and Evaluating Worship 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 13 - Letting the children lead 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 14 - Using the Lord's Prayer 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 15 - Time to Think, Time to Pray 2019  | PDF

Working on Worship 16 - Blessings for Birthdays 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 17 - Early Years children in CW 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 18 - Re-discovering Traditional Hymns 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 19 - Father, Son and Holy Spirit 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 20 - Planning Acts of Worship with Flippin' Praise 2019 | PDF

Working on Worship 21 - Prayer spaces in schools 2019 | PDF

Open the Book

Open the Book is well-established across the diocese and is a storytelling resource for primary school collective worship. Visit for more details. 

The project involves teams, some old, some young, from a variety of local churches who tell simple stories from the Bible during Collective Worship.

The teams visit a school regularly, once a week or once a fortnight. They use the ever-popular Lion Storyteller Bible, props and drama to bring important Bible stories to life for a new generation. 

As part of a much wider national project, the teams work to a set pattern and a code of conduct. Locally many teams have become fast friends of the school, useful community links, and a rich resource for RE lessons too! 

For more information on Open the Book, please contact Gemma Kingston.

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