School pupils record wildlife in their local churchyard | Case Study

Two school boys investigate the churchyard for creatures

Pupils search churchyard for all creatures great and small

Youngsters from St Mary’s Church of England Primary School in Woodbridge have visited their village church to record the flourishing wildlife in its churchyard. Three classes took part in the Churches Count on Nature scheme, a national initiative to create a database of wildlife in the UK.

The children scoured the churchyard for creepy crawlies, birds, animals and plants, making a note of everything they discovered.

Father Nigel Prior said the children loved their day out and hoped it would inspire in them a lifelong love of wildlife. He said: “The project was to encourage all churches to take special care of their local wildlife and to discover what is living around their churchyards. The children were on the lookout for all creatures great and small, from insects to plants, and to jot it down in their workbooks. This will form a national record of wildlife around the country. I hope this is something we be able to do every year, it was great to get the children together and everyone had a wonderful time.”

Page last updated: Monday 6th March 2023 12:09 PM
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