Growth funding Case Study, Easter garden kits for St Boltoph's pupils

The pupils of St. Botolph’s C.E.V.C.P. School, Botesdale in Hartismere Deanery were the lucky recipients of the Easter Garden Kits, which were paid for by the Growing in God funding grant. Enough funding was received to also be able to provide kits for every child at the Botesdale and Rickinghall Preschool, which is independent and isn’t a Church of England school.

A total of 202 children were given kits, which consisted of 170 school children and 32 preschool children.

The kits each contained a compost tub, an envelope of cress seeds, lolly sticks and strings (to make a cross!), a card plant pot (to make the tomb), a small chocolate egg to serve as the stone (and to eventually be eaten!), an explanation booklet, an age-appropriate booklet telling the Easter story, and a “Book of Hope” Easter magazine for parents and carers.

The garden kits were delivered on Friday 19 March, and were very well received by both the school and preschool. This activity has helped develop further the relationship which the church already has with both school and pre-school.

Teachers at both St Botolph’s school and the preschool expressed their thanks for the kits provided, noting that the church’s support was very much appreciated.

Mr. Mark Cobbold, Head of St. Botolph’s C.E.V.C.P.School, Botesdale, comments;

“The Easter Gardens were a wonderful way to celebrate this year.  The children really enjoyed making them in school while some wanted to take them home to make with their family.  The remote Easter assembly, led by Reverend Norburn, and the making of the Easter Gardens provided both children and adults with the perfect opportunity to reflect and talk about Easter and its’ importance for Christians around the world.”

A number of children also expressed their delight in receiving the kits;

Quote from Isaac, age 8;

“The Easter Gardens make me feel happy because it helps me to remember all the important details of the Easter story.”

Quote from Eloise, age 6;

“I love Easter and the Easter story makes me happy because Jesus gets to come back again.”

The church plans to continue supporting St Botolph’s school in a variety of ways including weekly assemblies, on a Friday, including “Open the Book” twice a term. These will be by video this term, but it is hoped that they will be able to be in person again in September.


Page last updated: 21st June 2021 4:20 PM