Growing younger

Churches which offer programmes for children and teenagers are more likely to grow.

The Growing Younger Programme aim is to embed growing younger (0-25 year olds) in the diocese.  Such a focus will be one way of growing younger congregations so they more accurately reflect the age profile of the population.

This programme includes:

  • To embed the importance of growing disciples amongst 0-25 year olds in all diocesan activities.
  • To view everything through the lens of children and young people.
  • To create beacon areas to achieve significant growth in numbers of 0-25-year-old disciples in areas where there is a high children and young person population – largely market towns.
  • To make resources to support growth in numbers of 0-25 year old disciples accessible to anyone.
  • To provide ideas, information and support to areas or groups that seek it, to support their long-term success and development of discipleship.
  • To facilitate five youth-focused expressions of church to be developed from secondary schools. 

The Growing Younger Team is led by

Matt Levett, Youth and Young Adults Officer

Hilary Wordsworth-Sewell, Diocesan Children's Families' Officer


Families and young people - flourishing congregations making a difference 2021


Growing Younger Sunday
Being a light - Belonging and Building community
Open Growing Younger Sunday

Growing younger - Youth and Young People
Seeing young people thrive, helping them discover faith for themselves and finding a home in one of our churches.
Open Growing younger - Youth and Young People

Growing younger - Children's and Families'
We are passionate about building relationships between church congregations and families within the local community and enabling parents to be the primary discipleship-makers of their children.
Open Growing younger - Children's and Families'