St Mary’s Church, Woodbridge, recreated their website to increase communications

St Mary’s Church, Woodbridge, received a total of £300 from their growth fund, which they used to build their new deanery website.

The main goal for the church, and by extension deanery, was to grow in number – and a new website for the deanery was a great way to improve communication and outreach beyond the existing church congregations. The aim for the new website was to create a real feeling of community between the three groups of parishes – Carlford Benefice, Wilford Team and Woodbridge Group, and to encourage greater communication and sharing of skills, experiences, events and facilities within the deanery.

Creating church to church deanery pilgrimages was one specific ambition helped by the website’s additional reach in communication which was given high priority as it involved several groups of people. They included those who devised the routes, the pilgrims who did the walking and those who met up with them at each church on the pilgrim route for prayer and refreshments. The pilgrimages provided a great opportunity to give praise & thanks for the wonders of creation, meet new people, appreciate their church life and buildings and to join them in prayer.

A comprehensive range of information and useful links are brought together on the website to provide a very good starting point for churches working towards achieving Net Zero Carbon and Eco Church status.

The next steps for the website are encouraging greater communications via the website both within the deanery and the wider community, and getting more people to send regular content for the site.

You can view their new website here: 

Page last updated: Tuesday 8th August 2023 12:00 PM

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