The Lightwave Community is made up of small groups, shining Christ’s Light all over Suffolk.




Our groups meet in homes, pubs, offices, schools and online.  We are simple worshipping communities that work alongside and complement traditional Sunday services.  We try to be down to earth and to be the sort of place you can feel at home even if you’ve never been part of church before.

Each group aims to find its unique way of shining Christ’s light in the local community.  Lightwave groups can deliver food parcels, visit the isolated, run community choirs, lead after-school clubs, support parents and toddlers, welcome people moving into the neighbourhood, empower teenagers, engage with nature, organise clay-pigeon shooting… You get the idea. 

Love God. Love People.

Jesus said the greatest command is to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind soul and strength and the second is to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.  It’s simple really.  Our ability to love people and ourselves comes from receiving God’s love.

Listening and learning together.

In a Lightwave group, everyone has a part to play.  It is not just for leaders.  Everyone has talents.  Everyone has needs.  We care and pray and learn and work and have fun together. 

Find a group

To find a group, please contact one of these leaders.  They will listen to what you are looking for and put you in touch with a group near you.


Sally Gaze

Archdeacon for Rural Mission/Suffolk Coastal | 07446 933129

Diane Grano

Red Lodge & Area Rural Lightwave Hub | 07403 210793

Andrew Gosden

Growing in God in the Countryside  Lightwave Treasurer and Operations/Music

Ben and Leanne Wale

Otley & Area Lightwave Rural Hub | 07769 183638

Julia Lall

South Hartishere/ Café Connect

Tracey James   

Lightwave Curate Debenham                   

Bob Molton    

Lightwave Curate Red Lodge

Peter Plummer

Social Engagement

Kathy Wilson

Healing Ministry/Farm-by-the-Water Retreat

Nina Seaman

Lightwave Administrator/Prayer Facilitator | 07394 559889
Graham Miles

Lightwave Rural Chaplain for Suffolk | 07413 683368

Becky Luetchford

Communications Missioner







The Lightwave community is one of the ways in which we are Growing in God.  There is a growing network of dozens of small groups all over Suffolk called Lightwave, dedicated to shining the light of Jesus in Suffolk through acts of kindness and practical service as well as worship and witness. 

Meeting in small groups in homes, pubs, offices, schools and other places these are new worshipping communities that work alongside more traditional ways of doing church.  Each group aims to do one activity together to make a difference locally or among people they know and receives support and training in their outreach.  

Find out more

To find a group and to find out more please visit: | Weblink

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A year in the life of Lightwave in Red Lodge 2020 - 2021

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