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Brampton: St Peter

Brampton: St Peter

Address: Brampton Beccles NR34 8DS

Telephone Number: 07932 650085

Deaconry: SUFFOLK

Deanery: Waveney and Blyth

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St Peter’s Church is a landmark on the Beccles to Blythburgh road, sitting as it does on a small rise of land next to Brampton Hall. Built from the 12th century it is particularly beautiful in spring when it is surrounded by primroses. It has a famously long aisle and a pervasive sense of peace. It is never locked, and the visitor’s book testifies to the fact that people visit. The church is reasonably well maintained, and a part refurbishment of the electrical installation has just been completed. A small congregation attends services which are held just once a month.

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