Finance reports and accounts


The role of the Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF) is to effectively run our charity as it identifies and manages the financial aspects of the provision of ministry. 

Through the immense generosity of those attending, more than £10m is raised annually by parishes, of which more than £6m is graciously gifted via the Parish Share system as a contribution to the costs of providing that presence, and support of our people and places.  

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We work hard to be financially sustainable and our expenditure is monitored to ensure our income is used as effectively as possible to support parishes.

Donations given to the DBF is given faithfully in response to our generous God, and the DBF is the steward of how these funds are spent and invested for the growth of God’s Kingdom.  DBF Annual Accounts and Reviews are listed below:

Our finances explained | PDF


2019 Annual Report | PDF

2019 Final Accounts | PDF


2018 Annual Report | PDF

2018 Final Accounts | PDF


For further information please contact

Gary Peverley | Finance Director | 01473 298575 | 07879 634525

Philip Keeble | Accountant | 01473 298500


Updated 19 November 2020