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The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a simple, secure and time-efficient way for you to give to your local church.  Your church can receive funds through direct debit and one-off gifts.  The PGS scheme is designed to make supporting your church, to funding mission and ministry, as easy as possible.

More than 1,800 givers give regularly through the PGS, collectively giving nearly £150k (including Gift Aid) each month to their churches. Over £37k (including Gift Aid) has so far been given in our Diocese through the PGS's new one-off giving service since its start in December 2022.

There are three easy ways to give:

  1. Online: on the PGS website here)
  2. By phone: Tel: 0333 002 1271
  3. By post: use the printable pdf see below*

*This downloadable PDF Gift Form (2023) replaces the paper Gift Form of 2017 and all previous versions of the Gift Form until 2022, which are out of date and should not be used.   Just add your parish place, church, & code e.g., Bury and St Thomas, 330633xxx, St Eds & Ipswich) or request a form by email:

Once registered you can manage your regular giving online, ajust the amount donated, or change options for Gift Aid, inflationary increase or anonymous status. Visit the PGS website here.

Please watch this video to find out more:





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