Making your parish sustainable

Stewardship refers to our responsibility to oversee, manage and optimise the resources we have at our disposal. Responsibility stems outwards from each of us to the collective, the foundations from which well-resourced, prudent churches are built. This provides an environment where mission, ministry and community outreach can flourish, enabling a visible and proactive Church in our communities.                                                              

 “Scripture contains over 2,000 verses relating to stewardship, giving and financial management. A high value is clearly placed on looking after what we have and directing us as to how we can be good, faithful stewards”  Lee Jukes, Stewardship Manager


Being responsible stewards, we must consider how we can:

  • Reduce operating costs within our churches (insurance, utilities, examination fees, etc)
  • Increase parish income to help support mission, ministry and community outreach (parish giving scheme, contactless giving, fundraising)
  • Maximise financial transparency (how we spend money and how much we spend)
  • Develop financial controls and planning that allows us to look confidently towards the future
  • Encourage and promote an ethos of generosity, including the sharing of our talents

How can we help you?

Our short guide “A Very Practical Guide to Stewardship” outlines some of the key areas our Stewardship Team can help you with such as:

Parish Giving Scheme | Weblink

Contactless Donations | Weblink

Treasurer Forum | Weblink

Understanding our parish share | Weblink

Diocesan Financial Reports | Weblink


Useful Links:

Parish Resources | Weblink

Parish Buying | Weblink

Stewardship | Weblink


For further information please contact

Gary Peverley - Finance Director | 01473 298575

Lee Jukes – Stewardship Manager | 01473 298551 | 07721 219534

Julie Podd – Giving Adviser | 01473 298555 | 07826 556186


Updated 30 June 2020