Worship resources

Christian Publishing & Outreach

Christian Publishing & Outreach are good at getting ahead of the curve with their resources dropping in people’s in boxes in good time.  Their wide range of resources equip the church to share the life-changing message of Jesus powerfully and effectively.  Please visit their website here.

Country Way 

Get worship ideas, information and inspiration for rural churches and communities: Country Way is about the best of Christian life and work in rural Britain.  A selection of materials nd magazines are accessible (for free) online here


Offering worship and learning resources for the whole Church - all week, every week, all year round, Roots offers: brand new materials that help you explore the Bible in depth every week, online seasonal resources and a rich online bank of everything we've ever published, enabling you to find materials by Bible reference, lectionary week, or keyword.  Please click here.


The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) is a Christian charity who aim to enable people of all ages to grow in faith and understanding of the Bible and to see more people equipped to exercise their gifts in leadership and ministry.  A full range of resources are available here.



Resources for Christmas. Find out more.


Livelent - God's story, our story Find out more.

This Time Tomorrow

Encouraging discipleship. Find out more.

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